Basic Info

Team Format

10 v 10
Teams must have 8 to play and no more then 10 on the field. May bat 10 – roster size.

Teams required at least 12 players on roster

Gender Roles

Open Co-Ed
Open co-ed means there is no restrictions on guys or girls. They will both use the same balls and there is no field min.

Co-Ed is played the traditional style. This will require 3 females on the team and will bat no more then 2 males in order. Females and male balls will also be different.


All rules will go by NSA with the Exception of a few changes depending on the Gender Role. These changes will be listed in the league signup under info.

Run Rule – 7 per inning
Ties will exist and will be counted as .5 points in the standings.


Play Time

Guaranteed 8 Games
1 Hour games no new inning will start after 55 min


We will provide safety bags and balls for games.
Players must provide their own gloves, bats, and any additional equipment you would like.


Official Wildcat Sports and Social Club shirts will be included. They will be color-coordinated to each team.


Each game will include at least 1 umpire.

How to Register


Register as an individual and we will place you on a team.

With my Friends

Register as an individual and select the “Play With Friends” option. Then specify their name. We will place you together with them.


Sign up with your own team. Captains can sign up and invite their team using their emails. They can even assign payments for the team fee to members.

Company Team

Companies wanting to sponsor a company team can Contact Us to get year rates instead of seasons. We can also provide larger roster sizes for companies.

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